New! Poooli L3 Portable Thermal Printer

New! Poooli L3 Portable Thermal Printer - Poooli

New! Poooli L3 Portable Thermal Printer

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With your handheld printer Poooli L3, print your favorite photos, notes or document in a wide format directly from your phone without being on the desk, wherever you want and whenever you want!

INK-LESS - Direct thermal printing, save hundreds of euros by renewing traditional ink cartridges.

✅WIDE FORMAT - The 110mm width is close to a notebook, and you can print excersises and test papers at home without buying an exercise book. It has a wide range of application and improves efficiency by 100%

✅BLUETOOTH CONNECTION - Poooli L3 can connect to any smartphone and tablet with Bluetooth. You're ready to print! Simply download the FREE Poooli application to your device and enjoy your happy printing journey.

✅DURABLE BATTERY - 2600mAH will allows you to print up to 4 rolls with a single charge.

 PACKAGE   :  

  • Poooli L3 Portable Thermal Printer x1

  • FREE Poooli Regular Thermal Paper 110mm x1

  • USB Type-C Charge Cable

  • User Manual



Q1: Need ink?
A1: No, the print head develops colour by heating the colour changing layer on the thermal paper point by point.

Q2: can it print in color? Or just black and white?
A2: You can only print one colour at a time, usually in black.We have thermal paper can print in blue, in addition, there are color thermal papers with different color base papers printed in black but only available with the 58mm paper.

Q3: Can it print adhesive thermal paper?
A3: Support printing of adhesive and regular thermal paper.

Q4: What type of thermal paper is used?
A4: It can print in 3 sizes : Thermal paper rolls with a width of 110mm, 80mm and 58mm can be supported. It is recommended to use the official 10-year old thermal paper, which does not contain bisphenol A and can be stored for 10 years in the specified environment.
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